Letter: Our police need to see our support

In 1962, President Kennedy proclaimed May 15th as National Peace Officer Memorial Day, and the calendar week in May in which the 15th falls is National Police Week, which this year is May 9-15.

Lima and Allen County should reflect on this week and find ways to show our appreciation for the members in our law enforcement community. A well-trained, well-disciplined and well-lead law enforcement agency is all that stands between us and anarchy and the collapse of this society, including the loss of our liberty and freedom.

Today, though it appears that this Blue Wall is being attacked from all directions and the public is concerned whether or not it will hold in place to protect us from this continuous assault on our freedom. The men and women that serve to protect their communities do so out of a sense of duty, honor and pride.

During this week in May, I plan to offer my time and financial support as a means to show that they are appreciated for what they are called to do. I encourage you to say “thank you” to a police officer, deliver a lunch to the police and sheriff departments, or donate your time and resources to help these men and women carry out their sworn duties.

Richard Maye


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