Letter: A police officer is full-time job

The voters of Cridersville are being asked to approve a 0.5% increase in the Village Income Tax for the purpose of funding the Cridersville Police Department.

The Village Council has designated the tax can only be used for the operations of the police department. Without additional funding, the village will be forced to make serious cuts to its budget and staff. Based on current tax revenues, the increase will provide a estimated $180,000 per year. Maintaining a full time local police department is essential to the security of the Cridersville Elementary School. Having a quick and effective local response to the security needs of the school is essential. Without a full-time police department, response time could be a serious problem.

We invest a lot in our homes and commercial properties . They are often our greatest assets. It is important that we protect those assets from vandalism and theft. Maintaining an effective full-time police department is vital.

Please support and vote yes for our local police department.

Rick Walls,

Mayor of Cridersville


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