Letter: Next generation needs to step up

Lima is ready for the next generation to step up! It’s time to start rebuilding and reinventing our city and culture. Many of the houses and buildings are dilapidated, driving down the property values and annihilating the spirit of those who take pride in their homes and city. New businesses open, only to close months later from vandalism, theft or lack of patronage. Even worse, we are on the verge of losing our metropolitan status, which would be devastating for our infrastructure and economy.

I think we can all acknowledge that something needs to change. We have “good bones,” we just need to inspire more people to be the change, and to actively take part in making Lima a place we all would like to stay and raise our families.

My husband and I own a small local screen printing studio called “Fresh Press Threads.” We also recently became a member of the Chamber and hope to move our studio downtown in the near future (depending on future leadership). As a pair of entrepreneurs in our 30s, we have a vision of what we would like Lima to look like and we believe that Josh Hayes is the answer!

We cannot keep making the same mistakes and expecting a different outcome.We have to start making moves that will impact our city and our children’s futures in a positive way.

Jennifer Sterner,


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