Letter: She not only ‘talked,’ but she ‘walked’

As a resident of Lima, and looking at the four candidates for mayor, I have decided that Autumn Swanson is the candidate I will be casting my vote for.

I know of no other person who is so committed to the future of Lima that they laid it all down and sacrificed their job to run for office. As the city’s neighborhood specialist, Autumn was required by Civil Service rules to relinquish her job if she wanted to go forward and run.

Her hands-on approach when she was employed by the city as neighborhood specialist was impressive, as she was very much present for meetings, clean-ups, and citizens block patrol. She not only “talked,” but she “walked.”

Her education and many experiences in profit and non-profit sectors over the years have served to develop the skills necessary to be a strong leader.

Autumn’s love for Lima is real and contagious. And I believe the vision that drives her forward is what will make her a great Mayor.

Chris Friedman,



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