Letter: Dangerous drug ideologies could threaten Lima’s progress and future

It can be a dangerous situation for Lima residents if a mayor takes office who has past felony drug offences.

The fact that mayoral candidate Mr. Hayes recently served a five-year drug probation sentence from Minnesota for being caught with illegal mushrooms and marijuana is a giant red flag. Lima has made much progress over the past years in cleaning up crime and drugs.

Referring to the “Mayoral Mishaps” article in The Lima News and a number of others recently published articles showing criminal offences of the mayoral candidates and Mr. Hayes, it’s obviously important for the community to be aware of these serious offenses. It’s simple: Drugs bring crime and death.

I am urging Lima residents to continue their votes to box out such kinds of risky agendas. Our children deserve a bright future and a belonging here in Lima.

” I cannot trust a man to control others who cannot control himself.” — Robert E. Lee

Richard L Warren,


Editor’s note: Richard L. Warren is not the former Allen County Common Pleas judge and current Lima Municipal Court magistrate.


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