Letter: The music should be for all of us

Each of the last two weeks , we have witnessed another senseless horrific event in this the United States of America in what was already an unforgettable year because this is who we are.

Sitting by the fire was always a place of warmth and comfort, but I fear now that it is just a hotspot, a moonlit walk is no longer for love and romance as it is cursed for providing too much light for the evildoer because this is who we have become.

We no longer disagree polically and still walk away as friends, we look with suspicious eyes at those that look a little different than we look.

These are the things people do after the love has gone, after the heart is empty. I, as most of you know, do not wear my religion on my sleeves and have made far too many mistakes in my life. I do, however, give a monthly donation to St Jude as I have for the past many years. I do not care about the color, age, or ethnicity of the child being cared for with those donations, only hoping that it will give someone a chance to smile.

Each of us has an opportunity everyday to give someone a chance to smile and most of the time we choose to do otherwise even though it may cost us nothing monetarily. Currently iheartmedia and Woof Boom radio offers over 1800 programmatic hours to the Lima community leaving only a few hours on Sunday morning specifically targeting minorities in programming depriving them of having that “belonging feeling.”

Are we better than this or is this who we are, are we willing to say to someone, I see you and offer them a chance to toe tap like everyone else or are you going to continue to stand on the shoes of people of color?

Charles Thomas, Lima


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