No need to changehow schools graded

The Lima News

Ohio lawmakers are talking about doing away with A through F on school grade cards in favor of a ratings system that would tell parents whether schools meet or exceed performance expectations.

The legislation introduced earlier this month adds more layers to the grading system. It wants to replace letter grades with six new ratings, ranging from “significantly exceeds expectations” to “in need of support.” It also would require the Ohio Board of Education to set rules for the performance criteria.

We give the idea an “F.”

The current system is easy to understand for parents. It’s the system they grew up with: A — an excellent effort; B — a good job; C — you’re average; D — you just passed; F — you flunked.

In the past school officials have complained the metrics for measuring performance always change. Now they want to change things? We don’t see how this idea is going to help students. It just offers an excuse: “I’m not flunking mom, I’m just in need of support.”

The Lima News

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