Letter: Paper boy loves his job

I am the independent distributor (paper boy) of The Lima News in Ottawa, Glandorf, the north side of Kalida, Cloverdale and Dupont. I am overwhelmed and humbled by the appreciation of my customers not only during the holiday season, but throughout the year. I received so many tips, gifts, baked goods and kind compliments. It makes me feel special for the small role I’ve been able to play in their lives. I have been blessed with many long-time friendships.

Most of you know that I usually write thank you notes when rewarded for my service. But with all of the appreciation that so many of you have shown, I would be writing thank you notes until next Christmas. Thus I thought I would do so with this letter in the “Your Views” feature of The Lima News so you all will know how thankful and blessed I am to be your newspaper carrier. If I had it my way this would be on the front page. You will always be front page news in my life.

I cannot thank you enough for the love, support and kindness that you all give me for delivering your newspaper. What a joy.

Also a quick note to Mayor Meyer of the great town of Ottawa. I have become quite popular in he Ottawa area, but don’t worry, I have no plans to run for office at this time. (just kidding!).

Dennis Brinkman,



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