Letter: Wages for police not adequate

It doesn’t surprise me that the city of Lima is struggling to find applicants for the open positions on the police department considering what they pay officers.

It’s hard to believe they start new officers out at only $22.20 per hour and the average salary for a veteran Lima City police officer is somewhere around $55,000. Have we become numb to what these officers go through on a daily basis? They work any day of the week, days or nights, weekends, holidays and don’t forget they can be shot and killed at any time they are on patrol.

A few weeks ago there was a hiring ad in the paper for Lima police and next to it was a hiring ad for an administrative assistant for RTA (lima city buses). The pay for each was almost the same! All due respect for the administrative assistant, but it shows that the Lima Police officers are surely underpaid. In my opinion, considering what is going on in the world today, I believe police officers should be paid much more (maybe double) what they currently are.

With pay that reflects the job, I believe we’ll get all the quality applicants we need to fill open positions at the police department.

Steven Sdao,



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