Letter: You’ll laugh until you cry

Encore’s “Diaries of Adam & Eve” Makes You Laugh, Till You Cry.

Imagine an hour of hilarious banter about the perceptions, expectations, irritations, and realizations we experience in a relationship. Then imagine that relationship has nothing to compare itself to because it is the first love story ever. That is the premise of Encore Theatre’s “The Diaries of Adam & Eve”, and it is a torrent of wry, dry wit that requires you to truly be watching and listening to catch all of the humor, and emotion.

The story takes you through the evolution of Adam and Eve’s relationship, and it is not only the best telling of their story that I have ever seen, it leaves you with a lot to consider regarding the story we think we all know.

This is not a biblical telling, it is what Adam and Eve would be telling you if you were their friend, if you were a colleague, or if you were unlucky enough to sit next to them at a bar. And I cannot stress how good it is without giving it away, but believe me, this show is worth seeing.

Tickets are being sold in a manner that allows for social distancing between groups. Masks are required at all times.

The show runs Fridays & Saturdays at 8 pm & Sundays at 2 pm. If interested, call 419-223-8866 and leave a message with your name, phone number, desired number of tickets and night you wish to attend and you will get a call back to take your order. You can also find the theatre online at amiltellers.org

Jim Patton,



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