Editorial: Lima’s trash service shouldn’t vary on where one lives

Residents throughout Lima should receive the same level of service from the city’s contracted trash hauler regardless if they live in a wealthier area of the city or a less affluent area. That hasn’t been happening since Rumpke bought out Wright Refuse over a years ago, Lima City Council’s Utilities Committee was told last week.

Complaints have come from residents in Lima’s 1st, 3rd and 6th wards and have ranged from trash not being picked up to leftover trash being strewn about after pickup.

City Utilities Director Mike Caprella acknowledged there has been a problem, but believes the number of complaints has decreased with the trash hauler now responding more quickly to calls. New drivers on new routes also may have contributed to the problem, Lima’s 7th Councilman Jon Neeper pointed out. For Rumpke’s part, spokesperson Gayne Makaryan has vowed things will get better, acknowledging, “It’s not fair to have great service in one area and subpar service in a different area.”

The problem, however, should have never happened.

Rumpke needs to be put on the clock. Its contract with the city ends later this year, and at that time, its performance should be measured in regards to timely pickup, cleanliness, services offered, rates and customer satisfaction.

Lima’s 1st Ward Councilman Jamie Dixon put it in perspective: “What we need to do is make sure that the same services that are being offered on one part of town is going to be offered all around town because this is not just a one-side-of-the-city contract.


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