Letter: Snow heroes are special

We have the best snow heroes here in Cairo. They are Thad and Jan Jesko. My husband and I have had a lot of medical problems this year and Thad and Jan have been there for us, clearing our sidewalks of snow, coming and helping us up as we have fallen down several times.

Thad saw how much we were having trouble getting up our stairs to the house and asked if we could use a handicap ramp. Within two days Thad had it finished for us. Bless you Thad and Jan you are our Heroes.

Jim and Karen King,


Our snow heroes are Greg and Kathy Knotts, who live next door.

We have a long driveway and they keep the snow plowed for us. They call to check on us to see if we need anything. They always say, “If you need something, just call.”

Jim and Sandy Bechtel,


Thanks to my snow angels for getting my car out of a snow drift at the end of my driveway this morning: Joe, who lives on University Boulevard and was out for his morning walk (he got more exercise than he bargained for, I’m sure), and Pam, my next door neighbor, who came over to help dig out and then took me in her SUV to Walmart to pick up my groceries and to Walgreens drive thru to pick-up a prescription.

There was also Brian, a snow truck driver who was going down Cable Road and turned around to come help, then plowed my driveway and wouldn’t let me pay him. I was going fine driving down the driveway until I had to stop for a car that turned down our street. And then I was stuck!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of them. Just last week when it snowed, Alex, my neighbor across the street, came over and cleaned off my driveway too. I just love it that there are so many good people in our community.

Bev Miller,



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