Letter: Rural residents need protection

We represent a group of concerned citizens of the Grover Hill community in Paulding County. Starwood Energy Group is in the process of trying to construct a wind turbine project (called Grover Hill Wind) of approximately 37 turbines in two townships in and around the community. The project is currently in the “pre-application” phase (Case Number: 20-0417-EL-BGN) according to the Ohio Power Siting Board, which regulates the construction of wind projects. This company has actually started constructing access roads and installing turbine bases at this time. How can construction begin on a project that has not been issued the proper certificate from the Ohio Power Siting Board? Something about this entire situation is not correct.

The Ohio Power Siting Board has been notified and will be contacting the company and scheduling a site visit. Has this company blatantly overstepped its authority and begun construction on a project that has not been approved by our state regulatory agencies? It appears to be that way. What does that say about the reputation of their company?

Ironically, this week a bill will be introduced in the Ohio Senate that will give township residents the right to referendum to vote in favor or opposed to a wind project. This bill will be fiercely rejected by the wind industry. But our specific situation proves exactly why this bill is essential to rural Ohio residents. Wind companies have repeatedly trampled the rights and the will of the people when developing these projects. It is their claim that the Ohio Power Siting Board has an extensive process to allow citizens input in the development of these projects. Clearly that process is not remotely sufficient.

Jeremy Kitson

Citizens for Clear Skies

Citizens Against the Grover Hill Wind Project


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