Letter: Leverage employers with abatements to gain jobs

Bath schools and trustees have a unique opportunity to greatly increase the economic environment for our Bath and Allen County community and its residents. Our elected officials in Bath need to take advantage of the leverage in tax abatement negotiations that are presented.

Any time a Bath corporation wants a tax abatement, give it with the clause only Bath residents and graduates will be hired. If Procter & Gamble, Ford, etc., want a tax abatement, then those corporations should hire the people covering the tax bill, pretty simple.

The only way to guarantee the lost abatement tax revenue is recouped is to make sure the jobs created are going back into Bath Township through homeownership and property tax, which can only be done by hiring Bath residents.

If the new jobs employ out-of-township/county residents, Bath schools and the township do not recoup the lost tax revenue. That’s not good!

Every level of government that checks off on a tax abatement should have that clause protecting its residents and making sure those jobs stay with those paying the bill. The corporation gets what they want, and the taxpayer gets guaranteed employment, home value increase and much more without a levy or paying any more tax.

Let’s understand our leverage and utilize it!

Matt McPheron,



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