Letter: Renewable energy and electric vehicles.

Is Birch Solar our enemy, or we our own enemy?

The world is evolving. Renewable power and electric vehicles will be a mainstay in the near future.

Just about 120 years ago saw the infancy of electric producing power houses and internal combustion powered vehicles. We still used horses and mules for much of what was needed for about another 50 years.

Now, except for the Amish and a few Cowboys, horses are used for hobby’s and or as a novelty.

Most homes did not have electricity 100 years ago. Today our U.S. homes, except for the Amish and vast swaths of American Indians on reservations, it is unheard of to not have electricity.

Things, over time, evolve to a better way to operate. Remember 10 mile to the gallon vehicles from 40-50 years ago? Today, only about one in 10 vehicles sold is a mid-size sedan, what are you driving? Vehicles with internal engines over the next 20-plus years most likely will become obsolete and be regulated to the same stature as horses, used for hobby’s and or as a novelty.

Starting with trucks, GM announced it will soon be producing a 1000 H.P. Electric Hummer. In addition, Rivian (R1T and R1S), Tesla (Cybertruck), Cadillac (LYRIQ), Ford (F-150), and Volkswagon (ID4), all electric vehicles, will soon be in production. There are also smaller start-up companies that will be in the mix — Bollinger (B1 and B2), the Nikola Badger, The Lordstown Endurance, and the Atlis XT.

With all of that written it is obvious that a change will (must) come in how we generate electric power.

The world is evolving in power generation and going forward what we have today will become old technology. Wind and solar are far better and cheaper ways to produce power and many more advanced technologies will be used going forward.

The area has lots of wind farms, and just look behind the Elida School, you will see a solar farm.

So, we can resist the future and dwell on the past, or embrace the future. But either way changes will come.

Absolutely make sure that Birch Solar (and or any other facility) is installed in such a way to fit in with the area. Or band together and buy up the surrounding properties.

But realize change will come, make the best of in and embrace the future.

Dave Smith



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