Letter: Grateful for the man who stopped to help

My sisters and I want to express our thankfulness to a complete stranger. We don’t know his name or address. What we do know is that he is a Godsend, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Our mom recently fell in her garage. She laid on the garage floor wondering how she would get up or how to contact anyone. In desperation, she began to yell “help,” knowing the chances of anyone hearing her were slim. After yelling for over an hour, to her surprise this stranger who was driving by came and helped her up and into her home.

It was a cold day, and most people had windows up and a radio on. Somehow though this stranger heard her cries, and something nudged him to drive back around. Call it divine intervention or what you will, we believe God nudged this man to find her and help. How else would he have heard her cries?

With it being Thanksgiving this week and reflecting on things we are truly thankful for, we wanted this man to know that we and our mom are so very thankful for you. You left an impression on all of our hearts.

The year 2020 has been hard for all of us, but it has also been a year where people have been helpful with each other and have shown compassion. We just wanted to thank this man for doing both for her in a time where she really needed it.

Happy Thanksgiving, and God bless.

Kaye Lindeman, Delphos


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