Letter: Marxist Democrats will get what they deserve

I just watched a commentator on Fox News tell us that the election was fair and honest based on what the people running the ballot counting in the contested states were saying.

Gosh, it is truly amazing that the same people who mysteriously found thousands of ballots in the wee small hours of Nov. 4 would say otherwise.

In Michigan, a so-called computer glitch gave thousands of votes to Biden that were really Trump votes. This was not a glitch, but a part of the program they were using to count ballots. This is the same software that is used in many other states. Can someone tell us why any software with this capability is acceptable as a tool to count ballots?

Now The Associated Press and all the rest of the media have teamed up to make any resistance to the fraud that has been perpetrated on the American people into a conspiracy theory.

The most terrifying part of all this is that flush with the success of the greatest robbery in the history of our country, the Democrats will repeat the same fraud-prone mail-in ballot scheme on all future elections. At this time, there is nothing that will prevent them from keeping power forever.

Our only hope is that the Supreme Court will step in and identify the fraud and disallow those states which clearly participated in it to saddle us with a Marxist-leaning Government.

I say this to all you Biden supporters, “Be careful what you wished for and now applaud; the Marxists always eat their own.”

Kenneth E. Harris, Lima


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