Letter: Trump should accept the election’s results

Donald, we’re still waiting. We’re waiting for you to grow up. We’re waiting for you to be a man and admit you lost the election. We’re waiting for you to maybe, just maybe, decide you should do your job for the remainder of your time in office and help the country to slow down the horrible loss of life due to the pandemic.

But we know we’re waiting in vain. You are just being your selfish, vindictive self while you pout your way out of office.

The truly scary thing about your electoral loss is that over 70 million people actually thought you should remain in office for another four years. What is the mesmerizing nature of your personality that can convince so many people that you are just what they need to mislead the country?

Your supporters are a mixed demographic. You are supported by some women in spite of what you have said and done, and how you have treated them over the years. You are supported by some minorities in spite of your love for white supremacists. You are supported by some veterans in spite of the derogatory things you have said about not only living veterans but those who have laid down their lives for our freedoms.

None of this makes sense to the over 75 million people who supported President-elect Joe Biden in the election. Once Joe Biden is in the White House, maybe our country can get back to some kind of normalcy where we don’t have to turn on the TV or radio or social media every morning and wonder what the hell happened overnight.

Good riddance.

Larry Donaldson, Elida


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