Letter: 10 reasons for voting Trump

For those on the fence about voting remember you are not picking a person you are picking the future of our country for your kids and grandkids. Charlie Kirk gave these facts about President Trump:

1. The most pro-life president in American History. First president to speak at a March for Life Rally, he reduced funding for Planned Parenthood, and believes that life begins at conception.

2. He stands with the Israel. Moved the capital to Jerusalem something other presidents only talked about, He got it done!

3. Has appointed 200 circuit court judges the most since G. Washington and almost three Supreme Court justices that believe Frist principles and the Constitution.

4. First Step Act for prison reform which released 1800 people back into society who had long sentences and needed a second chance. Most had black and brown skin.

5. The VA Accountability Act for veterans who served our country and were not given the best care

6. Right to Try Act so terminally ill people could use drugs deemed more risky to save their life.

7. Tax Reform Act which is paid family leave for 8 weeks to help the middle class.

8. Reinserted American sovereignty to do what’s best for America.

9. Greatest economy in our history before the virus that helped 6 million off food stamps

10. Reallocated 100 million dollars to end child sex trading at the southern border.

President Trump who has accomplished this and more in his first term has and will continue to fight to keep our country the best in the world with a bright future for your kids and mine. Please vote, it’s your right and responsibility.

Lynn Gratz, Lima


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