Letter: TB hospital needs to be torn down

I have lived almost all my life in Allen County and the TB Hospital has been a story for as long as I can remember.

Every year you hear haunted stories and then you here about the police saying, “No trespassing or you can be arrested.” This is the first year the owner (Cornwell) has ever talked about the dangers on TV News. If this building is dangerous, which I think it is,then why not force the owner to tear it down. This would get the dangers out of the area and stop the thrill seekers. The city takes down all the houses that are falling down of dangers and tack the cost to the owners taxes. Why not the same on this building? Why should the taxpayers have to pay the police to watch this property and arrest a bunch of kids for trespassing. They should be out serving and protecting.

Are we going to wait for someone to get hurt or worse and then say “we told them to stay out.” What is the owner waiting on? I would not want to have this on my shoulders. I don’t think this hospital is going to open up none to soon for the COVID virus. If this a asbestos issue get the EPA involved.

Ken Piercefield, Elida


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