Letter: Thoughtful process, reasonable plan for Bath Township

When considering economic and business development of a region, a thoughtful plan that considers all residents should be the goal. A measured approach evaluates what is best for the broader community. That is what the Bath Township Trustees did when developing the 309 Overlay.

Over the last several years there have been significant conversations on the best way to retain the viability of the Lost Creek neighborhood and accommodate development challenges. A blanket rezoning of the 309 Corridor in the township could have been pursued; however, to the credit of the Bath Township Trustees, they went through a lengthy and intentional process to look for the best alternative in consideration of all the residents.

They engaged significant partners, individuals and entities to gain the best solution, including the township zoning board and Allen County Regional Planning Commission. Ultimately, they offered opportunities for the public to give input. Though challenging, the nearly three-year process culminated into a reasonable plan.

The Overlay is designed to be as non-evasive to the Lost Creek community as possible. It has detailed restrictions and accountability for development. The trustees have offered documents on the specifics of the Overlay in an effort to be transparent.

We are beginning to see development and proposals of auxiliary amenities and housing for the east side of Lima. These additions are invaluable.

The Overlay has numerous positives. The plan will create a deeper tax base and will formulate job creation for Bath and Allen County. It will address the corridor challenges with a measured approach.

Be informed and make decisions that are best for the present and for the next generation.

Dave Stratton

President/CEO – Allen Economic Development Group


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