Letter: Vote no and save Lost Creek

My parents moved into Lost Creek in the 1930’s when it was mostly fields. Three of my siblings were born at home when it was “the thing.” I lived in Lost Creek until I married in 1967. My brother, George Kocher, was a township trustee and built his home and lived in Lost Creek for many years. I also have a niece who lives here, so you could say my family and I grew up in Lost Creek and I came back in 2012 when I retired and live in a nice neighborhood and a home overlooking the golf course.

Sadly, the first subdivision built in Bath Township is at risk as the current trustees have come up with a “plan” that circumvents zoning allowing investors to buy homes, demolish them, and put in anything from fast-food restaurants to a bowling alley. A joke is the proposed 6-foot wall that supposedly will protect residents from fast-food restaurant trash, banging dumpsters, 24-hour sounds of traffic, increased traffic volume and the dangers that come with it, increased flooding, and intrusive lighting. Just look at how well that 6-foot fence behind Speedway is protecting the residents in that area. The proposed zigzag boundary will leave every street and residence in the entire subdivision unprotected from the intrusion and effects of unsightly businesses.

I attended the so-called public hearings and I can attest the trustees have not communicated with residents and this plan does not protect nor ensure the stability of Lost Creek.

Please vote as if this was where you live: Save Lost Creek and vote “no.”

Linda Kocher Lape, Bath Township


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