Letter: Wedding, event venue bad idea

A petition on the November ballot will decide if a parcel in Amanda Township zoned Agricultural will be given B-1 Business status. Joshua Vandemark is requesting this change with the intention of establishing a wedding/event venue capable of hosting up to 300 people.

Mr. Vandemark gave a presentation to the Amanda Zoning Board on Jan. 21. At that time, the board voted unanimously “no.” On Feb. 12, the Amanda Township Trustees held a public hearing re: this issue, tabling a vote for a later date. On Feb. 26, the trustee vote was not in total agreement to deny the zoning change as recommended by the zoning board, therefore, Mr. Vandemark had to petition Amanda Township voters to go against the zoning board’s recommendation.

There are 60 plus houses within 1½ miles of this parcel on Bice and S. Conant Roads whose occupants will be unable to ignore the sounds of scheduled events. Promotional info indicates this could occur Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (or anytime the venue is reserved) until 11 p.m. during warm weather.

Safety is also a major concern. The highway between South Conant Road and the Auglaize River has been the site of many automobile accidents, unfortunately some fatal. They indicate parties will be over by 11 p.m., at which time up to 300 people will be exiting onto Stare Route 117 from one driveway in the middle of this dangerous stretch of Spencerville Road.

Please vote “no” for the sake of the surrounding neighbors and highway safety.

Joseph A. & Mary Bonifas, Spencerville


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