Letter: Enough of the daily drama

When I was a child in school during World War II, the differences between us and our enemies were absolutely drilled into our heads: Open borders (no military roaming the streets demanding “papers”; three equal, independent branches of government; a free press; freedom to worship (or not to worship) as one pleases; the right to assemble and protest and the peaceful transfer of power.

The Trump/Pence administration is composed of daily drama, chaos, scandal, divisionist and lies. Trump has savaged the free press (except for Fox, which is so bias, it copies the Russian TACC); destroyed confidence in our agencies designed to inform and support the government; tried to assert authority over the other branches of government; and is laying plans to refuse to step down if he loses the election.

We need Joe Biden, a man of faith from a working class background, who respects our traditional form of government. He has plans to restore our economy and produce millions of jobs while protecting the environment. Most of all, he will work to bring us together and once again be one nation.

Janice Comeskey,Lima


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