Letter: Trump and Jordan two of wrong kind

Mark Figley praised President Trump for showing up three days after COVID treatment. Well Mark, you can’t visit a loved one with this ailment and should they die, there will be no visitation at the funeral home.

Already, 2,100 people have died from the virus and Trump faults Joe Biden for his mask wearing. Next, Trump lies and says 84 percent of the people will see tax increases if Biden is elected. The fact is that Biden is raising taxes only on people who make $400,000 or more.

Fracking was stopped in Youngstown when it caused earthquakes and slowed in Oklahoma.

The choice is clear: Go with the failing policies of Trump or try new things?

In the meantime we have Jim Jordan showing up for a debate in St. Marys with no mask on despite being around the 20 people infected at the White House. Then on top of this he voted no on the stimulus bill that would help Lima as well as farmers. But Jordan voted yes on giving wealthy people tax cuts.

James Perine, Lima


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