Letter: Vaccine never mentioned

I want to thank Josh Ellerbrock, a reporter for The Lima News, for the article he authored about the Allen County Commissioner’s debate on Tuesday, Oct. 13. His article appeared on page 1A and 5A of The Lima News published Wednesday, Oct. 14.

While I believe that his article, for the most part, was well balanced, there was one error that I would like to correct. On page 5A, about two-thirds of the way through the report, the erroneous statement reads, “Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Allen County was able to cut almost $900,000 from its spending, but Beck said the county has to be more prepared for what the pandemic brings down the line if there’s not a vaccine in the foreseeable future.”

Not any time during the debate do I recall hearing the word, “vaccine.” And if it was mentioned, it wasn’t from my lips.

There has been so much disinformation from all sides on this coronavirus debate; I have no faith that any information on the vaccine is true or correct. Again, the word, “vaccine” was not mentioned or suggested during my response.

Thank you for allowing me to correct this error.

Dan Beck, Lima


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