Letter: How to end Roe vs. Wade

Quite frequently I read the Your View letters from well-meaning people upset by the Roe v. Wade law. It escapes me as to why they blame women for having abortions when the real problems lies with men! If we keep sperm from uniting with eggs there would be no embryo leading to a fetus and ultimately a baby emerging from the womb. Here is my proposal to solve the problem of abortions:

If unsuspecting teenagers cause a pregnancy, the male must do 50 hours of community service and attend sex education classes. The girl, with adult help, carries the child to birth at which time they decide to raise or send the baby to an adoption agency.

In the case of adult males who have unsolicited sex, the woman takes a swab to determine the DNA and that man must pay $2,000 or marry the woman. If a man is guilty a second time of impregnating a woman out of wedlock he has two choices: either have a vasectomy or else go to prison. We can’t have promiscuous men running wild on our streets.

Finally, if a married couple decide to have an abortion, for whatever reason, when the “roll is called up yonder” they will face their Maker at the judgement seat and need to explain why they did such a despicable act. In any case we will drastically eliminate the need for Roe v. Wade.

Carl D. Liechty, Bluffton


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