Letter: Roadside zoos need to hit the road!

I’m sure that everyone has heard of what has happened with Joe Exotic, his zoo shut down, and his animals taken away. And for good reason.

He, along with others, such as Jeff Lowe, run horrible roadside zoos. I do not consider these places true zoos, like say, the Toledo Zoo or the Columbus Zoo. True zoos make conservation and the well being of their animals their top priority. The same cannot be said about roadside zoos. More often than not, the conditions for the animals at these places are horrendous. The veterinary care is inadequate, and the animals are often kept in small cages where they can barely move.

According to National Geographic, when Jeff Lowe’s park was inspected, a lion cub had maggots in her ear, along with two wolves with arthritis, and a half-starved bear. That is sick and inhumane. Also, unlike true zoos, which breed tigers for conservation, roadside zoos breed tigers to take the cubs from their mothers, for the cub petting industry. Just by all that I’ve said, it’s plain to see that the owners of roadside zoos don’t care about their animals, only about making a quick buck.

All roadside zoos should be shut down, and their animals given to true zoos or sanctuaries. And I implore all of you to support your national zoos, where the money you pay goes towards actual veterinary care and conservation.

Thomas Miller Huffman, Lima


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