Letter: Jordan, Portman letting us down

Pre-existing illness protection is in the Obama Care that President Trump has sent to the Supreme Court to be abolished and the late Senator John McCain saved millions from loosing.

I can’t think of one family that doesn’t have a member with a pre-existing condition. Trump’s nominee has already said she wants to get rid of it. Trump, Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan and U.S. Sen. Rob Portman have no bill for this, nor social security, medicare protection or anything for that matter to be found to read. When Jordan was ask what he was working on, his answer was “what we’ve been talking about.” If he had a real answer he could be specific to this question. No infrastructure bill, nothing. A non-working government. Swamp people, just taking the ride with their lobbyist, special interest groups, big donors and corporations.

Joe Biden is far from a socialist. I can go on line and read all his proposed policies. Proposed policies that can be negotiated on with the house and that’s how it works! Remember the three co-equal branches of government, the one that’s accountable and responsible to one another and we the people.

I just hope you and yours have the money to cover pre-existing health issues and hospitalization because it’s an enormous amount of money out of pocket. Insurance companies are licking their lips now.

Susan Ebbeskotte, Lima


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