Letter: Trump created strong economy

An article in The Lima News concerning the vice presidential debate rightly pointed to the face that Vice President Pence highlighted President Trump’s job record. The importance of his accomplishments cannot be understated!

In the United States, the natural gas industry itself supports over 4.1 million jobs. Many of these jobs were lost during the Obama administration. It was thought by many they would never come back. Not only did President Trump bring these jobs back, but he created many more.

While energy is often not the forefront policy issue on people’s minds, domestic energy production is what has pushed America back to the leader on the world stage. Led by President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Pence, America is no longer reliant on other countries to fuel our businesses; rather other countries are now looking to us to buy their energy. Instead of being an importer of energy, the United States is becoming the world’s largest exporter of natural gas and oil.

If you value a strong American economy, American independence, and American jobs, the choice this election is simple: we must re-elect Donald Trump as President.

Chad Dunlap

Wapakoneta City Councilor


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