Letter: How much can we take?

Can someone tell me why the Freedom Caucus and particularly the Republican party no longer care about the massive debt incurred under this president. It used to be all they harped on. But when they are in power then the deficit is not an issue. As long as they can provide welfare for the top 1% and defer the payment for that to our grandchildren.

Jim Jordan: Why don’t you care about the budget deficit? Why don’t you care about supporting a military that your commander in chief has called losers and suckers? Oh, right, you only care about Hillary’s emails ….

The president had not one word to say about the shooting of a young black father, Jacob Blake, in the back seven times in front of Blake’s children. But he made excuses for Kyle Rittenhouse, who brought an assault weapon to a peaceful protest.

The Republican playbook is to instill fear in the low information voter. Make them fearful of socialism, while a Fascist is in the White House moving this country toward authoritarian rule. Read some history this is Hitler’s playbook.

I cannot stand up for or defend this country under Donald Trump. It’s time that someone calls him out as the Fascist that he is. Another Trump term will put the last nail in the coffin of the democracy of this country. And I often wonder…Is the rest of the world watching.

Sherri Eley, Lima


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