Letter: Yes, make America great

In response to the article published Sept. 2 in The Lima News about praying to end racism. I disagree with the presenter in her statement about President Trump’s “Make American Great Again” slogan.

This is not a new slogan. President Reagan used it decades ago in his campaign, then President Bill Clinton, a Democrat), used it for a short time (Bill even used the slogan when Hillary ran in the primaries against Barack Obama), and finally Donald Trump used it and it stuck.

What is so wrong with making America great again?

Do we want to make America terrible again?

To make America great again, to many citizens, means creating jobs, lowering unemployment, diplomacy and strength in foreign policy, exceptional military, and pride in our country. It is not a call to white supremacy.

I have met and have observed some African American individuals sporting the MAGA slogan on their person or displaying MAGA flags. Since they don’t agree with your choice for president, are they labeled Uncle Tom’s? Sounds like your narrative is the one that is dividing. If America is such a racist country, how did President Barack Obama get elected twice?

Finally, preaching from the pulpit should be for clergy with some sort of neutral position on politics.

Duane Vorst, Columbus Grove


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