Letter: Never forget: Trump vs McCain

In the light of the revelation of Donald Trump’s denigration of American soldiers that made the ultimate sacrifice in WWII — his calling them “suckers” and “losers” (even Trump-friendly FOX NEWS has confirmed this) — let’s compare Donald Trump and his arch-nemesis. No, I don’t mean Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. I mean Republican John McCain.

John McCain volunteered to serve his country during Vietnam, flew 23 combat missions before being shot down over Hanoi. Donald Trump, to evade service, claimed he had bone spurs in his feet. (Note these bone spurs, for which he got deferments, did not prevent him from competing in tennis tournaments at the time.)

Trump infamously remarked of John McCain, “I like people who don’t get captured, OK?” Recall that McCain’s capture by the North Vietnamese came after his bomber was shot down. The plane crashed and McCain was seriously injured, almost killed. In a state of incapacitation he was taken prisoner. It’s not like he walked up to the enemy lines waving a white flag saying, “I surrender!”

Because McCain was the son of a high-ranking military officer, he was offered release by his captors. McCain, however, declined to be released unless his fellow prisoners were freed with him. Can you imagine Donald Trump manifesting such selflessness and camaraderie?

Okay, now that we’ve reviewed, I’ve a question: How can any self-respecting military veteran vote for Donald Trump and then look him or herself in the mirror?

Kelly Anspaugh, Ada


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