Letter: Driving in Lima Ohio

If you watch people driving in Lima, you will see almost everyone is driving seven miles per hour over the speed limit.

Police are not ticketing for raised bumpers or tires sticking outside the the vehicle, where stones can be sent to the windshield behind them.

Ohio has laws against these.

Apparently, someone has taught many drivers that the brakes come on before the turn signal. The blinker should be on a block or two before, it is just common curtesy.

At four-way stop it is counter clockwise goes first or the car on your right, so many have no clue.

Have you ever tried to locate a building by the number that is supposed to be prominently displayed? You cannot do it because the mayor, the police chief, the fire chief and the post-master have let these slackers get away with not placing, readable from the road numbers, on their buildings.

We read in The Lima News about all the progressive things Lima is doing, yet we cannot get the buildings numbered? You may think outsiders do not notice, but they are thinking what a bunch of backward people live here. This is a fire safety issue, a police issue and a health and safety issue.

Maybe we will look elsewhere to do business.

Why not cut in rumble strips in the road where accidents have happened so drivers have another reason to pay attention to the stop sign.

Kyle Nienberg, Lima


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