Letter: Grindrod series heart-warming

I would like to express my deep admiration of the three-part series “Enduring Pony League Memories, a 50th Anniversary” by John Grindrod.

It sweetly and poignantly captured a critical moment in my life and that of a number of others. It captured the essence of the times, place and person who was my father. That 50 years later anyone remembers his death and how the young men and my friends triumphed over adversity is truly amazing. It shows the impact of “doing good.”

My father was an ordinary man who had extraordinary impact because he cared about and helped young people. This is an important lesson for all of us to remember. Remember that you too could be doing something today about which someone may write 50 years after your death. I extend my thanks to John and to all who assisted him.


Dr. Peter Linneman

Professor Emeritus The Wharton School of Business and Principal of Linneman Associates


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