Letter: Take off the blinders

It is hard to understand the continuing attractiveness of the Democrat Party to …

• African Americans — who have regularly voted Democrat control of the overwhelming majority of the 50 largest cities and their police forces. What is it doing for them? Based upon the protests and riots, nothing. Remember, Democrats fought abolition and established the segregation laws.

• Many Christians — whose votes for Democrats impower the party’s ongoing goal to support, promote, facilitate, and get government payment for the Satanic serial killing of scores millions of little humans.

• Unions — whose Democrat votes are for a party that shows no loyalty to them. The party wanted to close Larry Donaldson’s union plant (JSMC), they got upset when the DNC employees expressed a desire to unionize, they regulate and tax employers out of business, and they want to open the borders to unvetted, unregistered immigrants who will take American jobs for much less pay, no fringe benefits, and no taxes. The latter is illustrated by the following true story.

While in Florida several winters ago, a large newspaper reported that a construction contractor for a new development filed a lawsuit against the homeowners in a nearby subdivision for scaring off its employees. Irritated because the contractor’s employees were constantly throwing rubbish into their yards, the homeowners had decided that rotating groups of homeowners would pick up the debris while wearing specially designed shirts. Afterwards, when the contractor’s employees walked past the homes, they would flee in a cloud of sand, thinking that the people in like shirts were from ICE.

The Democrat Party is not a friend of Americans.

James Powell, Lima


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