Letter: Good in sports, clueless in life

In regard to all the pro sports players that have decided not to play as a statement against police brutality: Not all the facts are in, yet you have reached a conclusion.

I’m not saying what happened is right, just that we should wait for all the facts. These players don’t have a clue what it is like to put on a uniform and badge and go out to face such adversity. Our police officers have to put up with being yelled at (often with profanities), spit on, being pummeled with rocks, bottles and fireworks. Yet, we expect them to just stand there and take it.

Could you?

I used to look forward to watching pro sports until recently where some players refuse to stand for our flag and national anthem. So many of us, including these players, have benefited from those who died fighting for our freedoms and thus can no longer stand for our flag or anthem.

I and others I know will no longer watch pro sports. We’ve learned over the past few months we caan live without sports.

I will always stand for our flag and anthem because I’m proud of America.

Carolyn Smith, Elida


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