Letter: Going above and beyond

As the social worker at Lima Towers, I have the opportunity to help many people and one of the biggest responsibilities is making sure they are able to get their medical needs met.

Because of the coronavirus, many programs are not able to provide the services they need, especially in the area of transportation to medical appointments. However, I have received nothing but good customer service and assistance from the Social Service Department at the Allen County Department of Job and Family Services. Deb, Kerstin and Lee have been very helpful and efficient during this time, especially when people come to me at the last minute to get a ride. They are very friendly and helpful and always get the job done, even in the midst of the turmoil we have been facing.

I want to thank them all personally and let them know that they are making a positive difference in people’s lives by “going above and beyond” every day.

Monica Navarre, New Knoxville


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