Letter: Public schools at root of problem

There is a reason for what is going on today in America. And it is each and every one of our faults because we’ve done nothing for the past 50 years.

Why all t his hatred of America? They learn it in our public school system. The public schools are controlled by the government. Why? Because it is the government funding them. You pay school taxes to the government to have the government indoctrinate your children.

Why do you think they don’t want private schools? Private schools have always produced a better quality education.


Because in public schools the government gets to control the curriculum. In private schools,the schools gets to control what kids are taught.

The NEA has been controlled by the radical left for decades and they have done a very good job of teaching our children to hate this country. Want proof? Just one look at the Democrat party in this country is all you need. Every one of them promote hate for this country. Race warfare, class warfare. Where do you think they learned it all?

College campuses today are filled with Marxist liberals. The sad thing is they have convinced these kids that they need to go into massive debt to get a degree in gender studies or some other idiotic degree which is useless in the real world. And we the people people say absolutely nothing.

We have done this to ourselves. Cities burning, cops being murdered, its all been by design and the American people have allowed it to happen.

Shame on us.

Bob Riley, Fort Jennings


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