Mark Figley: Pep rallies over and Democrats will be Democrats

By Mark Figley - Guest Columnist

In the aftermath of the scaled down Democrat and Republican conventions, the contrast between the two parties was marked to say the least. And while Donald Trump’s critics continue to press the fear that he will not leave office “when he is defeated,” little has been made of Hillary Clinton’s demand that Joe Biden shouldn’t concede the presidency for any reason. This attitude defines today’s elitist Democrat party.

It’s also consistent with a Democrat convention that portrayed America as a dark, desperate place without hope or divine inspiration; a far cry from the God-inspired beacon of freedom described by Donald Trump.

And now that both gatherings have ended, nothing has changed. Democrat mayors and governors continue to sit idly by as their cities burn, denying the carnage is actually occurring or acknowledging that real American lives are being torn apart. Even more surreal is the fact that this issue was completely ignored during their week in the sun.

Why? Because the party of Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi is the proud home of professional rioters; non-productive individuals who have never invested in anything positive, yet tear down what others have contributed with their blood and sweat.

The Democrat convention was also an opportunity for Biden and his minions to spew their endless hatred for a man they have attacked for four years; absent any legitimate solutions for anything. Not to be outdone, some observers sank to the level of knocking Melania’a accent and callously diminishing the death of the president’s brother Robert.

In addition, the media proclaimed the news of never-Trump Republicans endorsing the Biden/Harris ticket, while ignoring the fact that ordinary Democrats are flocking to Trump. Meanwhile, the Republican convention highlighted everyday heroes commending Trump for caring about those who hurt and keeping his promises, even as the Democrat show spot-lighted celebrities.

At the end of the day, Democrats confirmed what has been at the forefront of this presidential campaign: their complete and utter disdain for American exceptionalism. Telling was the fact that not one of them expressed love or admiration for what this country symbolizes.

More telling was the inclusive message of a Trump-led Republican party, celebrating the strength and diversity of America and the promise that dreams can still come true. Lacking any similar promise was the alternative offered by Joe Biden and Democrats who issue edicts and shutdown threats which destroy dreams before they can be realized.

The Democrat party has clearly been hijacked by the radical Left, which continues to infiltrate every institution across the land, spreading the cancel culture, and silencing any speech which endangers its agenda or contradicts its dangerous message.

From day one, Donald Trump has faced unimaginable opposition based upon lies and hate in the face of any national unity. But, like the Energizer Bunny, he keeps on pushing back against a politically-correct, swamp-like culture which is not used to opposition.

As we continue to maneuver through challenging times, so-called experts have yet to understand Trump’s appeal. Even as injustices exist in America, he is uniquely qualified to overcome them and lead our continued economic recovery. But this race is about far more than Donald Trump or Joe Biden. It offers a clear and distinct choice: a country characterized by freedom, civility, order and stability versus one based upon control, division, anarchy and chaos. Is there really any doubt who will Keep America Great?

By Mark Figley

Guest Columnist

Mark Figley is a political activist and guest columnist from Elida. His column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the The Lima News editorial board or AIM Media, owner of The Lima News. Reach him a

Mark Figley is a political activist and guest columnist from Elida. His column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the The Lima News editorial board or AIM Media, owner of The Lima News. Reach him a

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