Letter: Fearing the worse, getting the best

I wanted to thank the individual who found my debit card while shopping and took it to the bank to report it lost.

I could not find my card when going to the second store to shop and back-tracked to see if it was still at the first store or in the parking lot. The manager took my information to contact me if it was located and went out in the parking lot with me to see if we could find the card anywhere. I then went t the bank and asked what I needed to do and was told someone had just brought my card in and the bank had already canceled the card. I was given a new card within a short time and was so relieved to get this situation resolved in a timely and professional manner.

There are many good people and I am so thankful for the help from all involved. Let’s all do the right thing and our world can be better every day. Thanks again for the help and restoring my faith in mankind.

Doris Siefker, Ottawa

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