Letter: Insurance company needs to help repair my house

My house had a car go through my living room on July 18th. Not only did it damage my whole living room, but it also damaged the wiring in the house.

I have been living in a motel since then and now come to find out that not only did the insurance of the at-fault driver not only not believe the police report, but in their “investigation” they have since decided that not only is Marcus not at fault, but that he is a victim because he had a concussion!

Every time I speak to the adjuster, Justin, he tells me that basically I am screwed because he can’t get ahold of the other driver, Landus, to speak to him and hear his side of the story. Justin, who is an adjuster at Allstate, told me that even if Marcus is at fault, nothing will be paid for months and months, also known as dragging this out in the hopes that I will give up.

I wrote this letter in the hopes that Justin, Marcus and Landus will see this letter and know I am not going to just give up. A crime was committed, and I am sick and tired of the crap. This needs to be taken care of and no one wants to do anything.

Daniella Malin-Mattis,



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