Letter: Better answers needed about speed of testing

Lately the numbers related to COVID-19 are rising, and the average person believes this is attributed to a rise in the number of tests. Government and health officials assure us that is not the fact.

The governor of Ohio tested positive for COVID-19, as such testing is required before meeting with the President on the tarmac in Cleveland… on Aug. 6. In less than 24 hours (closer to 12 hours), the public has been informed that a second test administered showed the governor, wife and staff have all tested negative for COVID-19.

The absolutely disturbing part to me is that the average Joe/Jane going to work might answer yes to a question that they “may have been in contact” with someone who might have COVID-19 must go take a test and often are told they will not have results for two to three days. And yet the governor had two tests and two different results within 24 hours.

I do not contest there is an illness; I question the testing procedures and the results being relayed to the public. I fully expect an outlash of opinions because I am just a layperson with no medical degree, and that is fine. Those of us without medical degrees are looking for answers, real answers. And I, for one, thank the medical folk for their expert opinions.

Loretta A. Wood,



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