Letter: Trump remains biggest threat to America

Oh, he fought the release of John Bolton’s book, and he fought the release of Mary Trump’s new book, and I am sure that he will fight the release of Michael Cohen’s forthcoming book. I just wish that this same guy would have fought this virus with just as much intensity.

This president has brought death to America at an unimaginable rate with his cavalier approach to COVID-19. What is happening in Florida, Texas and Arizona, just to name a few, is not happening anywhere else in the world, as we represent 4% of the world population but an alarming 25% of worldwide deaths.

A pandemic team was already in place when this administration walked into the White House, but in Trump’s propensity to destroy anything Obama, that team was disbanded.

We are the country where you are most likely to die, and we are the country with the broken economy. After his National Security adviser said he was incapable of doing his job, his chief of staff said that he was bad for the country, His former attorney said he was a conman and a fraud. His secretary of defense said he was the most divisive president in history, and his niece said he was dangerous.

The same people that said Colin Kaepernick was disrespecting the flag are amazingly silent about Trump disrespecting American servicemen when it comes to Russia and Bountygate. Is America’s greatest threat offshore and in some foreign land, or is the greatest threat occurring from within?

Charles Thomas,



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