Letter: Our Democratic Party is gone

I am 77 years old and have voted in every election since I was 21 years old. That means I have voted in 14 presidential elections. Over the years I have been a registered Democrat or Republican and I would vote for the person I thought would make the best president. Those days are gone.

Our country no longer has a Democratic party. It is strictly a Socialist Party. The first thing a Socialist party does is get rid of the police department. Then they take the guns away from all the people. Next they take your children away and put them in a government school where they teach them what the government wants them to know. They all dress alike, look alike, and think alike. No freedom of speech or thoughts. The government tells you how many children each family can have. Next they go after the churches. No freedom of worship. Does all this sound familiar?

This November’s presidential election may have a Republican, Socialist, and Independent candidate.

Our Socialist candidate , Joe Biden, has dementia which has no cure. He cannot help his medical condition. His wife needs to step up and take care of her husband. He needs her help. Mr. Biden is not mentally capable of being president of our great country.

In about three months we will need to vote and make a big decision to elect the best president.

My generation remembers and were taught about the Socialist countries of China, Russia, Japan, Germany, Cuba, and most recently Venezuela. Study and see how the people of these countries turned out.

Kathie White, Elida


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