Letter: Push back on PC crowd

After reading the recent articles in The Lima News regarding the word “Redskins” as the Wapakoneta schools’ mascot, it is apparent the PC crowd is coming after our local high school mascots. They are starting with the Wapakoneta Redskins, but you can count on them coming after the Shawnee Indians next.

It would be very interesting to see where the 2,000 folks who supposedly signed the Wapakoneta petition actually live.

People, it is time to put your foot down, and make the school boards understand that we will not accept them knuckling under the pressure from the leftists who are trying to erase our history and heritage.

By the way, Lima Senior would not be exempt from attack, just look at the Spartan logo: Is it not an insult to the proud Greeks who fought at Thermopile?

It is time to remind the school administrators and the school boards that they need our votes for their never ending tax levy campaigns.

As a proud resident of Shawnee, and a supporter of the Shawnee Indians, I say it is time to push back against the PC Crowd.

Kenneth E. Harris, Lima


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