Letter: Prosecution of girl outrageous

The recent case involving the death of Dino Gerdeman due to drug use and the charging of a 19-year-old girl with manslaughter has got me mad.

Dino Gerdeman was a successful businessperson whose life revolved around music and the night life. He was no stranger to fun or parties. He lived large and was loved by many, but Dino was no victim. He knew very well the risk he took in life.

Now in his death our legal system is trying to tell us that a 19-year old girl influenced Dino and was the reason he is dead. A well-connected 59-year-old white man with means was controlled and influenced by a 19-year-old girl, almost a child, is laughable if it wasn’t so terrible.

As a mother of 4, any man hanging out with teens was the problem not the (almost) children. The prosecution of Ms. Fuqua is an example of how our legal system readily targets African Americans. Who will be served by this young woman serving five years in jail?

I am confident that Dino Gerdeman would not want that to happen.

Janis Sunderhaus, Lima


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