Letter: Huffman should donate money

With Republican Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder and Matt Borges, former chairman of the Ohio Republican Party, and others arrested, as reported in The Lima News, in what is being called “the biggest public corruption scandal in Ohio history,” I feel gratitude for the federal investigators who exposed this malfeasance.

Is it possible that our system still functions on some level?

As a constituent of Republican state Senator Matt Huffman, whom The Toledo Blade listed on Dec. 12, 2019, as the recipient of $85,000 in contributions from FirstEnergy Corporation, I sent the senator an email asking for an explanation as to why any honest person would take such a large sum of money and then vote for legislation bailing out the contributor. I received no response. I then called his office and spoke to someone, telling them I had not received a response to my query. I still have no response.

Republican Gov. Mike DeWine, who also received tainted money, and who appears a decent man doing his best, announced he would funnel any tainted money he received to charity and believes the tainted HB 6 legislation should be fully repealed and replaced. While DeWine announced that he felt HB 6 is “good policy,” it is hard to believe that most Ohioans would agree as HB 6 both reduces and weakens Ohio’s energy-efficiency benchmarks while raising our energy rates to shore up dirty, loser utilities who find they can no longer compete profitably.

Will Senator Huffman do the right thing and turn his tainted money over to charity, vote to fully repeal and replace HB 6, and vote “No” on HB 104?

Michael Wildermuth, Lima


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