Letter: Unsigned notes are cowardly

Recently I found a note written on the back of a Sav-A-Lot grocery receipt stuck under the windshield wiper of my red Buick.

Here is what the note said: “How you rich people going to live if theirs no poor people keep Trump as your dumb President.”

On that Buick you found two stickers: “Republican, because everyone can’t be on welfare” and, “Trump — yes, he is my President.”

Unsigned notes are cowardly. I would not do that to you. By the way, that Buick is 11 years old and has 189,000 miles on it. When you were reading my stickers, did you notice my specialty license plate? It says, “Celebrate Children…Prevent Child Abuse.” My wife and I are advocates for abused and neglected children, working with CASA, and we are also licensed foster parents.

Are you doing anything to help anybody?

Oh, I noticed on the front side of the receipt the words “Food Stamps.”

Hmmm …

Pastor Robert King, Spencerville



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