Letter: Stand up for Doug Wine

Brice Brenneman, one of the great, long-time citizens of St. Marys, has devoted an incredible amount of righteous energy and time the past decade working to understand how a man as innocent as Doug Wine could be sent to prison.

In his recently published book, “The Strange Case of Dr. Wine” (Greyden Press, 2020), Mr. Brenneman describes in rich detail Dr. Wine’s innocence. As a long-time friend of both Doug and Brice, I must confess that living at a distance for these many years made me hesitant to say anything about the case, and my orientation to trust the system, to let it “work,” also made me hesitant to come to Doug’s defense, which I should have done a long time ago.

The obvious reason that I should have spoken up sooner, like every person who knows Doug should in this moment, is that there is no way that the Doug Wine that so many of us know so well from our childhood and adult lives in St. Marys could have ever committed the crimes he was accused of. The long and short of it is that Doug has spent his life coming to the defense of others, not hurting them.

I would venture a guess that I’m literally one of many 100s if not 1000s of people who know Doug well and have always called him friend and have been silent about his wrongful conviction and the loss of his license to practice optometry. Please join me in righting that wrong, and write to anyone you know with any power whatsoever, and ask them to do what it takes to restore Doug’s reputation and ability to practice his profession.

Tom Poetter, Cincinnati


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